Clayton Stone is an Arizona Realtor based in the North Phoenix area, though he works all around the valley. Born in Scottsdale, he has grown familiar with the region and has loved growing native to the beautiful Arizona desert. Though being one of Arizona’s most loyal advocates, he has also spent much time overseas throughout Europe and Asia, 4 years of college in Savannah, GA, and a prolonged time in Denver, Kansas City, and Orange County, California.


     In his early years, he pursued athletics from the age of 5, going on to predominately compete in running, triathlon, and cycling events at an elite level. At age 15, his career in cycling took off as he was asked to race in Europe for the US National Cycling Team. At the time, he also worked as a Brand Ambassador for Rapha, holding and participating in events around the US.


In 2016, he got recruited to the Savannah College of Art & Design Cycling Team. He then went on to simultaneously ride and compete for their Equestrian team, which is well regarded as number one in the country. This was also the time in which he found a love and passion for the arts. Initially majoring in Fashion Design, and Fibers, it wasn’t until late in 2017, he was introduced to the beautiful side of analog photography whilst in Hong Kong. Finishing college with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, and a long list of athletic achievements for the school, he was also featured in several exhibitions and received an honorable mention in an international awards competition.


As Clayton continues his primary focus on AZ Realty, he continues his passion for the arts in both fashion and photography. He also remains strong in faith, as he believes life is lived best in pursuit of a greater cause than oneself can offer in solitary.

Picture by: Nick Schutte

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