Updated: Jan 13

"Everyone has an opinion"

When I write more “politically” charged articles, I have tried to keep it relatively neutral. I understand the divide among us and that we often get heated when an opinion of opposing view comes to challenge our belief. Hence, I didn’t want to directly offend anyone’s views by being overly passionate regarding the topics I write on. I get a variation of responses.

However, after pondering that intent, I believe it to be sort of hypocritical in ways. I write to self-express, and if I am filtering my opinion for my audience in sensitive topics, I am not fully expressing. It’s the exact same with my art. Now, I understand refraining expression from being overly aggressive, but I should still be able to get my ideas out there. As should everyone. Our mainstream media certainly does – though they are often a little too narrow minded in their approach. Typically trying to maintain a certain narrative. I try to steer away from “name calling and twisting of the truth” as often as I can, but it can be hard when you’re passionate about something. News anchors and podcasts do this all the time. Trump is a “racist”, Biden is an “idiot” – I doubt either of those statements are true, but even if they were, there’s is nothing good being accomplished by repeating it consistently. It only gets people fueled up on blatant statements with no educational value.

The only way to move forward is listening to one another’s opinions in a civil manner. Be cordial with each other during these conversations, so that conversation can be constructive and enlightening instead of aggressive and separating. Conversations like these make you realize your own knowledge gaps because someone brought up points you were unaware of. You can then learn more about that topic and reflect on your own opinion. Listening with an open mind allows you to change your mind.

An alternative to open discussions is reading a book written by people you might not agree with. I think not wanting to know the reasons for someone’s view is naïve. It’s fine if you disagree after you learned about their story, but at least try to understand their point and know where your difference in opinion begins.

Sometimes it feels as through we are taught to hate people based on conflicting views, which is truly sad but also unproductive, destructive, and bigoted. To foster a healthy relationship or community, we need to listen to each other and discuss in a placid manner. How else are we to progress?

I try to be a very open-minded individual. So please, if you have any response you may wish to share regarding anything herein, please reach out! I would love to hear what you have to say.