America Today

America today is a divided country. While some say a civil war is imminent, the truth is, it’s already here. While perhaps not armed conflict, we are fighting over the fundamentals of this country. The opposition? Marxist cultivation. It has slipped between the cracks for far too long. Nurtured through the subjective “teach them ‘what’ to think” indoctrination in our academia, sexualized pop culture, and political polarization, we have gone from one of the most prosperous and united nations to self-destructing our very own communities.

While many issues subsidize this current polarization, the utmost divisive element is secularism. We must not forget that this is, after all, God’s country. Through Him, we have prospered to the level of success we have achieved today. Not only have we developed our land, but we inspired positive change in many other countries. As an early nation, nothing unified us more than our faith. All our rights today lay pretext of a supreme being. God.

“All men are created equal; endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” From then and now, our evangelical nature has nearly perished. Without Him, evil will prevail in the likes of Marxist-centric ideology.

As faith, to a substantial degree, is the rightful base that holds all else together, we are at a point where such notion alone causes strife and dismay. For this, we must promulgate in an accessible fashion a factual basis of events that have gotten us to this point. And for such purpose, I will touch on each of the previously mentioned areas, thus indoctrination in academia, sexualized pop culture, and political polarization.

Indoctrination in academia

In 2019, The New York Times commemorated the “400th anniversary” of slavery by coming out with the 1619 project, a book already in the curriculum of over 3,500 schools across the country. Nikole Hannah Jones, the book’s creator, who has repeatedly called for reparations, wrote the lead essay therein claiming the American Revolution of being fought to “preserve slavery.” While Britain did not abolish slavery until 1833, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The whole book aims to counter our true American history and deem the nation as rooted in an evil that prevails in every aspect of American life. However, the only true extensive evil was the act of slavery, later abolished in the following century in most countries around the world.

Moreover, the basic notion of slavery beginning in 1619 is in actuality an accusation belonging to British history – and even then, not entirely accurate. In 1619, when a Dutch ship brought 20 or so Africans to Virginia, there is wide speculation that they were often seen as indentures. In essence, no different than Whites of the same level. For example, Edmund Morgan, a Black indenture, finished his contracted time and later bought indentures of his own to work on his given property. There were hundreds of free Blacks who were recorded to have lived in the South through to 1640s, until the presumption of slaves began to take root.

While the 1619 project should be banned from schools on account of its false perceptions, it is not the only threat. A more considerable peril is the concept of Critical Race Theory. To gather the writs of CRT, I give you an account acclaimed by George R. La Noue, a research professor of public policy and political science at the University of Maryland:

“The two best-selling proponents of CRT, Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi… CRT begins with the presumption that race is the primary way to identify and analyze people and consequently posits a racial hierarchy that supposedly exists with whites on top and blacks at the bottom. Individual behavior is insignificant because everyone in America functions within a society of systemic racism, structural racism, and institutional racism. CRT affirms this perspective by pointing to various existing disparities, which it claims are the result of racist discrimination. According to this perspective, efforts by public and private organizations to enforce civil rights laws in employment, housing, contracting, education, etc. are either insufficient or pointless. CRT offers two responses to this situation. First, all whites must admit their culpability by confessing the advantages white supremacy confers on them. Failure to do so reflects ‘white fragility’—an instinctive defensiveness that whites are said to display after they have been trained about their investment in racism. Second, individual whites cannot hide behind any personal history of non-discrimination or the desirability of race-neutral laws or policies because the collective action of their race has been oppressive.”

In basic principles, CRT teaches that White kids are inherently racist and Black kids are suppressed and therefore don’t have the opportunities to excel. This is said to be true, strictly on account of one’s pigment. Such sentiment only causes hatred and division while manifesting race-based ideology that didn’t exist in these children prior.

Sexualized pop culture

In the current day and age, sex in our popular culture is more extensive than ever before. Moreover, with the introduction of technology and social media, exposure to such content is ever more accessible. In a more extreme case, children are watching porn and having sex in their early teenage years. What sort of outcomes can we expect to have from a generation of such behavior. As monogamy appears a much less appealing social construct, it is presumed an old-fashioned patriarchal belief that’s growing precedence. When kids are collectively worshiping sex-driven songs like WAP by Cardi B and the like, how can influence not be taken? This setting brings in a plethora of concerns centered around mental health. Children are so highly concerned about how they look, they coincidentally lose touch with the higher moral values one should pertain to.

Political polarization

Throughout history, moderates have been the mediators to accomplish bi-partisan politics, perpetuating the affairs of this nation. However, they are now seemingly non-existent. Since the 1970s our congressional branch has become so polarized that our congress can agree on few policy-related proposals. This results in making party unity the new norm at roll call. The filibuster is now utilized more than ever, from 18 times during the Nixon presidency to 345 times under Obama.

While the extent of causes may be debatable, the results of this deadlocked congress are undeniable. In 1981, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was confirmed by a 99-0 vote. In 2009, Justice Elena Kagen by 68-31. In 2018, Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh was confirmed by only a 50-48 vote. It has only been getting more difficult to pass any legislation in this manner.

If we are to move past this, we’ve got to stray from this strict partisan loyalty and go back to being independent free thinkers seeking valuable, constructive change. Bring back liberal conservatives and conservative democrats. Do not cancel or eradicate those of opposing view. Cordial deliberation is the only logical way forward.

While this conglomeration of affairs is answerable to our current state, the utmost threat is secularism. This country was raised upon the definiteness of Judeo-Christian morality. Christianity was the common religion during the most prosperous and influential of years. Now we are seeing the effect of Mathew 7:15, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” We have seen the direction of this country’s change since Christ was taken out of schools and heavily scrutinized through the breaking of our social fabric. Evils have since spread and prevailed throughout the country.

While this country’s number one freedom is that of religion, it is vital to hold ourselves to an assured level of responsibility in practice. While faith and religion cannot be taught, scripture and morality can. On the rational basis of good and evil, deriving from such a model in the name of “freedom” proves only destructive and counterintuitive. It creates a fragmented state that is paralyzed and defenseless.