Astrological Forecasts | The Month of May

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March 21 – April 19 This is your time and you can probably start to look around and see, especially later in the month, that the hard work you’ve been putting forward is finally paying off, and there may be a continued return of luck and expansion in all areas of your life. Your work, your voice, and your life in general could be transforming and even beautifying. As the month progresses, you may begin to focus even more on the work, career and the ideas you have for your future. I just want to say, “go get ‘em, tiger.” Taurus

April 20 – May 20 You are like a gem going through the process of polishing. It could be weathering and wearing on you. It could be a lot of heat and pressure, but on the other side of this is a you, shining from the inside out, and there are going to be people who really see you, hear you, and appreciate you. Things may feel like never before, especially in relationship to others, whether romantic or platonic, personal or professional, as dynamics may change. You must focus on you. I just want to say, “True colors!” Gemini May 21 – June 20

This is where the magic happens. You are growing into your soul’s potential, as well as your place in the world. Amid changes or endings that could be of a test to you, there is a strength behind you, and a push to reach out to the world around you. There are likely to be major changes in your daily routines, work routines, coworkers, reality, or health, later in the month. You will get the chance to reflect on and learn from things that have recently taken place. I just want to say, “Get what you give.” Cancer

June 21 – July 22 There are things are in the works around your career, things changing, and things expanding, even if you can’t reach it all, quite yet. There could be a change in the place in your life where you have fun, have kids, relate with your siblings, or embrace your passions. This could even be a new expression of creativity. Later in the month, challenges with endings or spirituality could arise. You could be thinking a lot about and refining your idea of the world and everyone, in it, as well as your place, in it. I just want to say, “Your intuition knows better.” Leo

July 23 – August 22 There is a walk you’re taking, whether that is for higher education, faith, philosophy, or actual travel, and it probably feels really good. This area in your life will continue to expand, even more, beyond this month. Frustrations could arise among close relationships, but only acknowledgment of how you would like things to improve in time and how you can achieve that. There are likely to be big changes in your inner world, where it hits home. This could involve family, especially parents. There is a chapter to read about the collective and the place you have, in it. I just want to say, “Be gentle on your heart.” Virgo

August 23 – September 22 It is a very transformative time that you’re entering, here. There could be challenges, but more than anything, there is more luck on your side than you realize. Something is probably a blessing in disguise. There is a lot that you’re learning this month, as you’re entering a new chapter and phase of communication and collaboration. You could be making significant changes in how and why and when you talk, and who you talk to. Later in the month, you may find yourself more focused on your caree, r. I just want to say, “know your heart.” Libra

September 23 – October 22 There could be a very positive change in relationships and friendships, this month, that is only just beginning to expand. There could be a little frustration or disruption around your passions, your siblings or your children. This could affect what you do for fun or how you express creativity. There could be a massive change in your work, your voice, how you make money, or just how you build for the future. Later in the month, you could be more focused on education, faith, philosophy, or travel. I just want to say, “Set sail.” Scorpio

October 23 – November 21 There could be a fresher air and sense of beauty in your day-to-day routines, work routines, reality, and health, this month, which is likely to only continue to grow. Amid this, there may be challenges, frustrations, and disruptions, coming close to the heart. This could affect your home, your family, as well as your inner world, in general. There could be an ending and a beginning, simultaneously, inside you. The second half of the month could carry a lot of change and transformation. I just want to say, “Angels will help carry anything you need, just ask.” Sagittarius

November 22 – December 21 There is a blessing and sense of beauty, this month, in how you have fun or express your heart, creatively. This could have to do with your children, siblings, or passions. This is also something that is likely to grow and be of a blessing throughout the rest of the year. There could be frustrating or disruptive conversations, mid-month. There could also be a change and journey, ahead, around spirituality, fulfillment, the invisible half of reality, the sorrow of an ending, and rebirth. Later in the month, there is a new phase and focus on a significant other or the people closest to you, and in the dynamic between you and them. I just want to say, “compassion, come to the surface” and “listen.” Capricorn

December 22 – January 19 There could be blessings, beauty, and abundance at home and around your family, this month, that only continue to expand throughout the months to come. Towards the middle of the month, there could be some disharmony, frustration, or disruption around your work and how you make money, followed by a huge change in your connection to others and the world around you. Later in the month refocuses on your day-to-day routines, work routines, reality, and health. I just want to say, “Slow and steady wins the race.” Aquarius

January 20 – February 18 This is the beginning of a journey in communication, whether that is speaking, writing, making art, or collaborations. You will probably be working with your hands and getting creative. In the middle of the month, there could be disruption, stress, or challenges that come through at the time of a large shift or change in your career or public reputation. Something is being phased out and something new is coming through. You may feel the sun, warming the area of your life of what you do for fun and are passionate about; this could be connected to your children or siblings. You may be revising plans, later in the month, involving your family and home. I would just like to say, “Hear your heart.” Pisces

February 19 – March 20 There is a gate opening, before you in your work, your voice, and how you make money. It is something you have been waiting for, for a while. There could be some disruption or stress about what you’re leaving behind, but there is a bright new chapter and journey you’re embarking on where you’re learning, exploring, and expanding your mind, and it’s beautiful. Later in the month, there is a refocus on your family and your home. Also, later in the month, Mercury retrograde might unfavorably affect your conversations more than other signs, so I would just like to say, “listen to your intuition more than your brain.”

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