Best Game in NFL History!?

While I knew the Bills facing the Chiefs would be an exciting matchup, I was certainly not expecting the extent of what we got. I’ve never been on the edge of my seat as much as I was last night.

Throughout the game, the lead went back and forth keeping the score tightly-knit. This made it interesting as we entered the 4 quarter. The Chiefs leading 23-21, Butker kicked a field goal with 8:58 left on the clock, extending their lead to 26-21. While the Bills QB Josh Allen was determined to drive it down the field, the Chiefs defense was holding them off. At least until a 4th and 13 attempt when WR Gabriel Davis juked his defender, leaving himself wide open for an easy touchdown pass. Followed up by a successful 2 point conversion, they led by 3, making it 29-26.

With only 1:54 left on the clock, it was up to Mahomes to get past the Bill's relentless defense and into field goal range or even better, a touchdown. And performed he did, with a great 14-yard pass to Hill who was able to run it into the endzone from the 50-yard line in spectacular play. Leaving 62 seconds on the clock, Allen knew he had to pull off something huge, as a field goal would not be enough to beat the chiefs 4 point, 33-29 lead.

Remarkably, in 49 seconds, the Bills rushed down the field and Allen made a sensational pass to Davis, resulting in the wide receiver's 4th touchdown of the night! An NFL Playoff Record.

With only 13 seconds on the clock, the Chiefs were not about to give up! Chiefs coach Andy Reid having all his timeouts left, would have at most 2 plays to make it into field goal range and bring it into overtime. With the high pressure on Mahomes to bring his team to a 4th straight AFC Championship, he showed everybody why he is the best QB in the NFL. 2 fast bullets to position Butker into a 49-yard field goal attempt. Within just a few feet to spare, the kick was good!

Entering overtime, the Chiefs won the coin toss giving them the first possession! Taking no more chances, Mahomes got the ball straight down the field without looking back. He put the cherry on top with an 8-yard endzone pass to Kelce for the final touchdown! That was an 8-play 75-yard drive.

To sum that up, from 2:00 left in the fourth, the score went from 21-26 to 36-42 with some phenomenal gameplay.

Comments from the Postgame Press Conference

"One thing that I love about this team is they didn't flinch. They kept focused, nobody threw in the hat and quit, they just kept battling." -Andy Reid

"I'll remember this [game] for the rest of my life." -Patrick Mahomes

"I have faith each and every time that I'm on the field" “We got tremendous leaders on both sides of the ball," "nobody panicked with 13 seconds left." -Tyreek Hill

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AFC Championship Game - Bengals @ Chiefs

Sunday, 1 p.m. MT

NFC Championship Game - 49ers @ Rams

Sunday, 4:30 p.m. MT

Conference Championship Predictions

I’m hearing some speculation about which teams will be winning the championship games next weekend, but I'm here to tell you there is no reason for that. The Chiefs will be facing the Rams for the Super Bowl in Los Angeles! Am I wrong? Let me know what you think! Also, was last night's game one of the best in recent NFL history!?