Build-your-own Ribs

Updated: Jan 13

This is a delicious, relatively simple meal that will impress everyone. There are many ways to cook them, and you can do something different every time to further perfect them. My favorite part is it doesn’t make much of a mess either! When I put the ribs into broil, I use that time to clean the previous dish, and then its only one pan to clean at the end! They’re extremely good too.


Ribs. I prefer St. Louis style but you can obviously use any. See which ones you like the best.

Your choice of BBQ Sauce

Your choice of seasoning

Your choice of Beer


1. Pre-heat oven to 220°F

2. Peel the membrane and some of the excess fat off the ribs. If the butcher already did this, great.

3. Use your choice of season on each side of the ribs and press in.

4. Wrap the ribs in aluminum foil and lay flat in the baking dish.

5. Poor your choice of beer on the bottom of the pan under the ribs.

6. Keep in the oven for about 3 hours. You want to see the meat starting to almost detach from the end of the bone.

7. Remove ribs from the oven, and take out of aluminum foil. Place on a flat pan.

8. Turn oven to Broil

9. Coat ribs with your choice of sauce, and place in oven.

10. Allow the sauce to bake in, but don’t leave them in for too long. Broil gets warm.

11. Serve and Impress