Emotion x Politics

Updated: Jan 13

With the touchy subject of politics, it is hard not to get emotional. It is one of those things where there is never one particular right answer, and you feel so strongly about your opinion. However, you must understand that an opinion is all it is. Politics by definition is an art/science. There is little simplicity in anything of the subject. With so many constantly moving parts, we all need to understand that nobody is necessarily right or wrong. There are many unforeseen possibilities and contradicting arguments that can question almost anything. After all, varying views prove to be very philosophical.

Diverging into the realm of politics in the US particularly, we are seeing an obscene divide. I am not going to necessarily venture into the reasons we got there, but rather speak of a way to get us out.

As you know, we are split into republicans and democrats. Well, libertarians, too, but that’s more less irrelevant – no offense to libertarians. Honestly, I would consider myself libertarian in many ways, but I have stronger conservative views. I believe in the constitution as it is written, admire our history and want to protect this republic. In no means do I fault progressive thinkers, though. There are many incredible democrats out there with great ideas. I don’t necessarily agree with many, but that’s why we achieve bi-partisans on occasion.

Unfortunately, things are not always a simple as it seems. The government is not full of gold

star ethical patriots, believe it or not. There is a lot of corruption in the government, which has huge effects on the people. Hate and radical views are spread on both sides, and it creates divide. That’s why it is important to be open-minded and gather news from multiple sources. As well as being skeptical about everything. Be careful about the beliefs you adopt and do your own fact-checking. If someone else states an alternate view, dig deep into where they are coming from. The best way to do this is to constantly dig deeper and ask questions (also use Duck Duck Go because they don’t censor like Google). The truth is never far away. Usually just a layer or two.

By doing this, you should gather a more convincing view to discuss with others, which leads me to another big part. They say that you should be careful about who you talk about politics with. And that might be true for people who get easily worked up, but in fact, talking about these “difficult” topics is the best way to draw closer to understanding. It may take a while, but that’s where it leads to if done correctly.

The other day I was warned to stay quiet about my opinions. I was told that it could close doors. This upset me and is the reason I am writing this now. I believe more than anything that we need to have mutual respect. How are we suppose to progress as a nation? By not talking about anything?

"'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

- Mark 12:31

Despite strong disagreements, you should find it in your heart to see past any disagreement and love others. It’s a beautiful verse that is greatly popular, but the significance of it isn’t seen enough.

Also, don’t just be a follower, but a leader. It is great to admire one’s opinion, but don’t just be a part of a bandwagon. It’s great to agree, but don’t feel like you have to do so to be on the same side. For example, I like Trump and will write on a lot of good things he has done, but I will just as easily bash the guy. He is far from perfect (as anyone) and has made bad decisions. The same goes for every other politician.

Lastly, I want to touch on protesting. Protesting is amazing to share opinion and one of the greatest privileges we have as Americans, but we need to stop this violence they cause sometimes. If you’re going to protest, there are people who disagree and will show up in challenge. This goes for both sides: Keep peace and respect one another. You may strongly oppose one another, and if you are unable to have a collected conversation, just turn the other way. DO NOT burn down cities, and DO NOT resort to violence. That is behavior of animals. This is a civilization after all. Last year, we had people on the streets from both sides, embarrassing their respective affiliations. I get that you may be angry about something, but acting on hatred will only make it worse.

“Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.”

- Proverbs 10:12

Let’s not allow our political emotions to get in the way of friendship. If we can discuss a contradicting view with someone, great, but if not, we need to understand that and cherish the beautiful, fun parts of the relationship with that person.