Fugitive Fauci Fallacy

Updated: Jan 13

Responding to the whimsical words of our nations #1 “Doctor”

“So it’s easy to criticize,” Fauci added. “But they’re really criticizing science, because I represent science. That’s dangerous.”

-Anthony Fauci

Sorry, I’m just a little confused. What’s dangerous here? Somebody thinking critically, or Fauci representing science? Because I’m thinking the latter. Given the fact that he’s been consistently wrong and changes his mind about practically everything, what does this mean for science?

“The worst potential bio-terrorist is nature itself.”

-Anthony Fauci

Finally, something comforting. Ladies and gentlemen, you can all rest assured that you no longer must worry about the labs experimenting with ways to create infections for chemical warfare. Covid and man-made toxic gas is a threat of the past. The real Bio-terrorists are trees! They release too much oxygen. Cut them down!

“I have to laugh at that,” Fauci said in a “Face the nation” interview with Margaret Brennan in response to a conversation with Senator Cruz. “I should be prosecuted? What happened on January 6th, Senator?”

-Anthony Fauci

Since he asked a question, I suppose I should show etiquette and respond. I’m not sure he’s even been answered yet. First, when there is proof that you illegally funded gain of function research to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for coronavirus studies that resulted in a lab leak killing millions of people around the world, I don’t think it is a matter to “laugh” at. I mean, unless you think families losing their loved ones is funny. Even if you have since come up with a different definition of gain of function that justifies what you were doing with that program, it’s still tremendously damnatory. You’re lucky you have the current administration on your side. That’s all I have to say.

As for the second question, it seems a little off topic. I’m not sure why he’s bringing up January 6th, but there was a horrible riot resulting in injury, damage and a death while storming the capitol building. It was widely condemned by everyone, and everybody involved is being prosecuted.