If I Was a Woman, I'd Be a Feminist

Updated: Jan 13

The initial rhetoric from which the feminist movement was originally based has long been achieved. The approaches of Susan B. Anthony and Victoria Woodhull in pursuit of equality of opportunity for women have resulted in not only equal rights for women, but also equal chanced of attending college and receiving employment in many professions. Leaving to question: What really is feminism today?

There are some pretty radical beliefs out there, but in my titled statement, I'm interpreting it from the notion of overcoming diversity. The organized movement behind feminism has gotten so flexible and distanced from the context. Having already accomplished everything they initially sought, a number of these groups tend to seek goals with little ground of sensical thinking. However, I believe there has been made an understated subgroup of feminism in the sense of it being more a trait and sentiment. And idealization not to change society, rather oneself.

Susan B. Anthony

Traditionally speaking, males are typically in the position of "power", for whatever that may entail. There are several reasons for this. The first is simply biology, because men obtain stronger physical qualities. In the stone age, they would be the ones that would hunt and provide for their families. Women, on the other hand, are considered to be more “caring”. They give birth and traditionally spend more time “caring” for their children. These basic roles have set the tone in most cultures and provide the groundwork of today’s society. Many people still live with that mentality. The man provides and the woman cares for, which can be a great home dynamic if the spouses are on the same page, respecting and admiring the others role. However, that is not how it necessarily has to be, and thanks to the likes of Susan B. Anthony, it doesn't have to.

Being said, women still face adversities and difficult situations on a daily basis. The attitude and drive of the women that overcome these obstacles is something I admire. I love it. Many of them have very inspiring stories. Their mentality can translate to any group though, there are always some paths that can prove more difficult for a certain demographic.

My point being, the successful mindset I strive to shed light on here is not secluded to just the idealization of feminism I speak of. The concept is just a big part of the view.

A woman determined to take over the role in a traditionally male-dominated profession is something of credit. As well as similar precedents across the board. After all, I want to attribute the reverence deserved to the act of overcoming a situation when the odds may not be in particular favor.