Intuitive Astrology | April

Jas | Sirius About Stars

This month of April is about resilience. It is about pushing forward and fighting for what you want, more than anything. Strength will be on the test, and you’re probably going to be learning that you’re a lot stronger than you thought. There will likely be a lot of intensity in the first half of the month, and if there is, it is nothing to worry about. Try and understand it as only part of what is going to help push you into your success. We may also be tested over self-control in the beginning of the month. It could feel like an obstacle course of a month, and whenever you approach an obstacle, it is wise to take the time to observe your obstacle and create a strategy before racing forward.

This month, we have all of the inner planets changing signs, at different points throughout the month. There are a lot of moving parts and shifting of energy going on in very real, noticeable, and physical ways. Venus enters Pisces on Tuesday, April 5th, really expanding and heightening our capacity to love, create, connect, and respond. This is quite beautiful and spiritual, actually; I love this transit. Pisces is the most harmonious and optimal energy for Venus to reside in.

Mercury will be moving into Taurus on Sunday, April 10th, grounding our thoughts, and pushing us to make things more tangible. We may be feeling an extra sense of pressure around this time on our plans, structure, and direction with something that is still in the works of a process. On Tuesday, April 12th, Jupiter and Neptune will come conjunct in their home sign around 8:00 AM. This is incredible, and likely cause a huge dose of Piscean energy in some way, shape or form, whether that is spiritual, emotional, or elusive. Also, in the middle part of the month, here, Mars will enter Pisces, toning back some layers of aggression. There could be more passivity than there has been, lately, whether that is something you notice in yourself or in others. On Saturday, April 16th, we have a full moon in Libra, illuminating our relationships and connections to others. I see this full moon softening and touching our hearts. I see it as a very compassionate and truth revealing time. You could be making a confession, or somebody could be making a confession to you. It is a beautiful and bond strengthening energy, coming up, here, in the middle of the month.

On Tuesday, April 19th, the sun enters Taurus. We are crossing learning experiences and coming out, grounded and ready to build and improve from where we are. The rest of the month eases up on some of the intensity. Maybe you’ve been having to dodge potholes and debris in the road, before you, but it’s about to get smoother. Pluto stations retrograde on Friday, April 29th, entering us into a period of reflection of transformation. On that same day, Mercury will be entering Gemini, an energy that Mercury does really well in. This will be sharpening our minds, helping us consider other sides, and influencing creativity, as well. Lastly, at the end of the month, on Saturday, April 30th, we have a new moon- partial solar eclipse in Taurus. This could play out, somewhat, in our finances on a wider scale that may not necessarily hit, personally. We could see a shortage, which could threaten our finances and stability. I don’t see this astrological event having a huge or permanent impact, but I do see it as a threat, and something that brings awareness and awakens defensiveness, as we get further into Taurus season 2022, and enter May.

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