Intuitive Astrology | February

How was your January? How did Venus retrograde and Mercury retrograde effect the month? If you have no idea, the most common themes of these transits, in January, would have been the rethinking and revisiting of plans, goals, and what brings us fulfillment. Now that it is February and Aquarius season 2022, as well as Pisces season when we get later into the month, we are taking the steps that get us set up ready for the upcoming astrological new year, in late March.

But before we jump ahead, this month, Mercury stations direct, as the first major transit of February, on February 3rd. This shifts the focus over to Mars and our actions, especially as Mars is being activated by Jupiter, Chiron, and Uranus throughout the rest of the week. Into the second week, Pluto actually makes a bit of a presence from as far out and away as it is. We may be feeling some intensity, some passion, and drive about the directions we’re moving towards. Mercury also re-enters Aquarius on the 14th, Valentines Day, putting something back online that may have been at the forefront of your mind a month or more ago, but that you had to pull back the reigns on when the timing and surrounding energies didn’t align. This is an opportunity coming back around and it could have to do with anything, wherever Aquarius is in your birth chart. On March 16th, we have a Mars and Venus conjunction and a full moon in Leo. I love this energy, here. It feels fun, magical, and divine. It feels innocent and genuine. This the energy of meeting, half way, whether it’s you and another person, you seeing your own self or your environment more deeply than you have ever, before. This is beautiful and I love it. This could be a boost of energy that restores hope, especially if it has been an uneasy or difficult time.

The sun enters Pisces on February 18th, wrapping up the astrological year that started in late March, 2021. What is there left to experience, see, and learn, this month. It is a time to live it up and embrace the moment. Celebrate life and love. Timelines are shedding, now, and new ones are being forged. The second half of February might possibly feel weird and strange. It might be very surprising, the way things play out and transpire. This energy could reach people differently. For some, this could feel like a soft, comforting touch or push. For others this could feel more like a slap or a bunch. It could feel cold for one person and warm to another. It all depends where you are in your life as it meets you, and how acquainted you already are with the Uranus and Neptune themes of change, drastic change, as well as depth, emotional intensity, mystery, and spirituality. February 22nd is a significant day and a portal like energy where it is in your best interest to exude the energy of what you want to manifest into your life. Alignment between your soul, heart, and mind are key.

That is the most likely version of this February in a brief snapshot. I hope that you have an even more wonderful and blessed version of it, instore.

This article is provided by, Sirius About Stars.