Intuitive Astrology | May

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Lunar Eclipse - Artwork by: JAS ©

This beautiful month of May is all about opening your arms and welcoming the new and the better that is entering your life; it’s the little things. It’s the fresh air and sunshine, and it’s the people who mirror your own intentions. The people and the things, the opportunities around us will be the same kind of welcoming that we are. What you extend is being extended to you, this month.

As we leave the month of April, we are not leaving without the hard-hitting transits it left us with on its way out. Now that Pluto is retrograde, Mercury is in Gemini, and we have had a partial solar eclipse, even though it wasn’t visible, here, in the US. These three particular astrological events are going to continue to ripple and become bigger, like a wave throughout this month, here, as well as the whole summer, only echoing louder and louder. You may find yourself reflecting on the transformation in the terms of your career and public reputation, as well as wherever Capricorn is in your personal birth chart. You may simultaneously be starting new endeavors and breaking new ground, as you are drawing and redrawing the plans for this new thing that you are building.

This month, we are actually building up to a lot of energy, gaining in Aries, with Mars also returning to its home in Aries, later in the month, May 24th. There could very well be a build up of action and aggression that could boil over unfavorably if it isn’t monitored and managed well throughout the month. It’s like cooking on the stove. Know what you’re cooking and be sure that you’re tending to it. Don’t forget about what you have over the flame. Mars does deal with war, and we already have one of those. Other than the possible surge of action and aggression, this fiery energy is giving us all an opportunity to give to ourselves and make great strides towards our goals.

Sunday, May 15th, is a big day, astrologically. Only hours after a square between the sun and Saturn, we will have a full moon total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. This is a blood moon lunar eclipse that we will actually get to see, around 9 PM on May 15th. On the eastern part of the US, the entire eclipse from start to finish will be visible. On the western half, parts of the partial and penumbral phases won’t be visible, but the total eclipse at its peak will be visible. This energy, up front, could be irritating, like an itch that gets rubbed, raw. Maybe you are scratching through the surface of something in your life and now that it’s exposed, it sparks a need to transform something in your life. There is something very compassionate I feel about this eclipse. There is some kind of a dire need to right a previous wrong. This energy is also being given a shove due to the sun and Saturn square, intensifying whatever kind of need that you could be feeling, at this time.

A week later, also on Sunday, May 20th, the sun enters Gemini, putting a sense of focus onto our conversations and collaborations, as well as our thoughts. Amid a lot of duality and opposing philosophies, we are having to choose and make decisions, considering what is in our hearts and what do we value, most. Mercury will be retrograde for most of the month, really making us revisit what the foundations we’re laying are made of, while the cement is still wet. This second half of May, here, could be very cognitive. Venus will be entering Taurus on Saturday, May 28th, setting us up for some abundance and success, as long as we’re willing to put forward the effort.

To end the month on a good note, there will be a new moon in Gemini, initiating a new beginning of a journey in your thoughts, forms of communication, or a collaboration you’re embarking on. This could be a creative project or just something you’re doing to improve the positivity of your own mindset. It could mean many things.

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