Satan's Financier & Greatest Money and Power Engine of All

Updated: May 6

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our

liberties than standing armies"

Thomas Jefferson

“At the end, it will be only a question of numbers”

S.Rothschield, 1892.

Some say that banks manufacture money out of nothing and then lend it out at interest, or simply use that fake money to buy up any national assets they can.

Our beautiful US and a (small “a” for shrinking American presence in America) has now a national debt –payable to bankers - far in excess of 85 trillion Dollars and growing by many millions and billions every single hour of night and day! Check it out in

The total US debt is way over 85 trillion (to the banks, of course) secured by a total of all national assets in the US of over 203 trillion dollars.

That means that nearly half of all the assets within the US are actually “owned” by banks. Figure it out. This ratio is constantly changing in favor of – the banks, of course. Consider what is happening right now to Greece, unable finally to meet the banksters’ debt demands. Do you think these dear people (bankers), will forgive Americans a single cent of our exploding national debt, when our turn comes? What will the international bankers do to us? Check the above. It’s only a predictable question of time, that’s all. You can actually calculate the end-point.

Banking is the biggest business on earth, don’t you think? Where do they get such money to lend?

And how can they accomplish all this?

Banking, reportedly, first emerged in Babylon, where the first critical population density (after the flood) gave rise to the development of “banking” principles, techniques of Secret Societies (always plenty to hide, no?), the original Luciferian (later global, Samirabis with Tammuz) idolatrous religion and beginnings of modern science. The last part (science) was halted by God. Look it up in Genesis.

The goldsmiths of that epoch maintained, by necessity, a “strong box” and guards to protect their inventory. Other people used to bring their gold currency there for secure storage in return for a small fee and a goldsmiths receipt of storage. Soon it became more convenient to merely trade the receipts instead of withdrawing the assets, and have next owner redeposit the metal again, for security.

At this point most goldsmiths did make a very surprising discovery. During any year the gold withdrawals never exceeded a maximum of some 20 % of the gold coins stored there by the public! The rest, about 80% of the public gold, was always sitting idle in the vault. Obviously it could be used, unknown to the original owners or the public, for short term lending at interest. Better still, only another “receipt for gold” (instead of gold) could be issued, which would serve as loan of money equally well.

Thus the first banking practice was born, based on something like 20% capital reserve requirement. It meant that for each ,say, 2000 gold units deposited, a total of 8000 gold units, or “receipt vouchers” for the same, could be lent out at interest, or used by the banker to purchase assets for himself; without (usually) anybody being any wiser.

The only remaining danger to these early gold bankers (or banksters) was a drop in public confidence and a public run on the bank. In which case the banker was to be found insolvent (purchased with or lent out gold which he did not have) and was taken out and hanged or shot, leaving the trusting public with a loss of 80% of all deposited money.

This “happy situation” continued for millennia and the reserve requirement was eventually diminished to 10% and even 5 % of the deposits, especially with the advent of mass printed paper money, which however, at that time, was still to be backed by gold or silver on demand.

Fractional reserve banking was instituted as the power and number of banks multiplied. At a 10% reserve requirement a member bank would lend out at interest 90% of any deposit, which would rapidly be re-deposited with the very same or a brother bank, which in turn would result in a corresponding loan, which again would be rapidly deposited to other sister, cousin and so banks, until all them shared in the final $1 “In” and $9 “out” money creation.

Paper money without any backing whatever was the logical outcome originating in the immense growth of bankster power. The gold and silver backing were completely withdrawn from the currency. This eliminated all hindrances for money expansion and eliminated the last defense which our currency had against inflation. To understand this, consider that a single $1 silver coin is now worth $20 paper dollars or more. Your paper dollar therefore has, in these few years, lost at least 95% of value and purchasing power.

“Electronic only” money without any paper money backing is just around the corner. Paper money, in all its decrepitude, is still anonymous and allows you independent, personal power. You can get into your car, go where you want and spend it as you like.

“Electronic only” money leaves a trail everywhere you go and can be stopped by our Glorious Leaders by pressing a single button. This is an inevitable, logical, coming extension of the “money bags” governing elite over the population (that’s us, you and me, in case you think it all unimportant). It might be accomplished using an electronic chip- implant in your right hand or forehead, as suggested in the Bible, or by some other means. You will never have to fill out your income tax anymore. The government computers will do this automatically, monitoring every financial step you take.

At that very pinnacle, Dear Boy, you can say welcome to the Apocalypse! What happens from then on you can read yourself in the Bible.

To issue debt-free money is always and rapidly repaid by Luciferian Bankers with assassination. President Lincoln issued debt free greenbacks, when bankers demanded 20% interest during US civil war. He died for that. Pres. Kennedy issued debt free money – you might have held some. Paper money contains a “seal” saying US Federal Reserve. Kennedy’s currency showed a red stamp, saying “United States Note”. They murdered him for that.

Sweet riches?

What did Christ Jesus say about the rich man and the kingdom of God? Great preoccupation with riches becomes a fatal barrier which keeps us from God.

For the rest of us, (less money hungry), I suppose, a strong sense of priority becomes essential. What is your priority? Do you live for this world alone, like these bankers?

Who said, “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you” (Mathew 6:33)? God’s Word, Sir. This “word”, an uncorrupted Bible, is the only guide to the kingdopm of God and His righteousness; it is the only guide for our short pilgrimage here too. The enemy might take away our houses, might take away our cars, might take away our freedom, but they can not take away the love of our God from us or His righteousness, from those who seek it!

The bible is a love story; Written with blood, upon a wooden cross; The story of God's love for you.

Men are not lost because they are sinners; they are lost because they have rejected Jesus who died for them. The ultimate treasure is not creation, it is the Creator. Any conceivable sacrifice in this world is worthwhile just to find Jesus and to belong to Him!

If you want Him, pray now with me, "DEAREST LORD JESUS, FORGIVE ME MY SINS; PLEASE BE THE LORD OF MY LIFE; HELP ME TO LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND OBEY YOU WITH ALL MY STRENGTH AND TO READ YOUR BIBLE, EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE." If you prayed this, and meant it, with an open heart, this prayer will never fail. It will become the greatest thing you will ever have, and it will last forever. After this, check out the guide in “How to read the Bible and clean up your life” in, under Articles. It’s made for you.

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