Super Bowl LVI - What to know

Updated: Feb 12

With Super Bowl LVI just around the corner, it is time to call up your friends and make some bets for the weekend. As the first Super Bowl in history to not feature any of the top 3 seeds in either conference, and only the second one to feature two No. 1 overall quarterback picks, we can only hope it will be as good as a game as the last few playoffs! This Sunday at 4:30 MST, the LA Rams will face the Cincinnati Bengals in Los Angeles at the Sofi Stadium. As the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl on their home turf last year, the Rams will be the second-ever team to have this oppertunity.

Based on the overall season stats, the Rams are sitting at a 12-5 record in 6th for scoring offense and 8th for scoring defense. Compared with the Bengals’ 10-7 record, 8th in scoring offense and 13th in scoring defense, the Rams head into the event a 4 point favorite.

As Joe Burrow (Bengals) and Mathew Stafford (Rams) both arrive with something to prove, they have each had very successful seasons. However, Stafford has shown to play a little more consistently through the recent playoffs. Never having won a playoff game prior to this year, he has shown to be unstoppable through this postseason. On the other end, Burrow is no stranger to playing well in the big games. The first overall 2020 draft from LSU finds himself at the Super Bowl in just two years. If Burrow is able to pull it off on Sunday, he will be the first quarterback of all time to win the Heisman Trophy, National Championship, and the Super Bowl.

As the respective quarterbacks have shown much potential, a big aspect to the game will be how the Bengals' offense is able to hold off the Rams Aaron Donald, Von Miller, and Leonard Floyd on the defensive front. Either the Bengals' offensive line is going to need to step up, or Burrow is going to have to be quick.

As many factors seem to be pointing towards a close game this Sunday, here are some comments from Tyler Sullivan of CBS and Bengals expert John Breech.

"The Bengals are the underdog in this game, which might actually be a good thing, because underdogs are on a roll in the Super Bowl. Since 2010, underdogs of three or more points are 5-1 in the Super Bowl with the only loss coming from a Falcons team that BLEW A 28-3 LEAD (I am required by law to mention that blown lead in every Super Bowl pick I make for the rest of time). "

"I think this game ends in one of two ways: Either the Bengals win a close one in the fourth quarter or this turns into a replay of last year's Super Bowl where one team's quarterback gets so dominated by the other team's defense that it turns into a blowout. "

"I'm going with option A."

"As the son of a former Bengals kicker, I feel like the only way for me to go with this pick is to predict that it ends on a field goal by the current Bengals kicker, so that's what I'm going to do."

- John Breech

"With the combination of Aaron Donald and Von Miller rushing the passer and the likes of Jalen Ramsey in the secondary making Burrow hold the ball longer and go through his progression, I have my doubts that the Cincinnati O-line will be able to fend them off for four quarters. "

"While this isn't a traditional home game for the Rams (actually considered the visiting team), the fact that this is being played at SoFi Stadium should play to their advantage. They are 7-3 straight up at home this year (including playoffs) and while they are just .500 ATS at SoFi Stadium, they have an average margin of victory of 7.3 points. That would get us to comfortably cover the spread in this game."

-Tyler Sullivan