Tyrannic Behavior from the DOJ

Updated: Jan 13

In recent times, the Department of Justice has been working through the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to attempt to carry out unscrupulous operations. They have continuously been attacking people on the right on spurious accounts, while remaining oblivious of allegations to indict left. The corruption couldn’t be more operant, arising doubt upon the structure within the organization. For example, after wrongfully holding James O’Keefe III on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) for 10 years, O’Keefe finally received a call from his firearm dealer back in August that he passed the background check and was allowed to come pick up his purchased gun. It took a lawsuit against the FBI to finally have his name removed. Because of this fraudulent behavior, O’Keefe continues to push the lawsuit and hold responsibility to those involved.

Additionally, the FBI pursued countless attempts to convict Donald Trump (Russian Hoax, Ukrainian Inquiry and more) and those he appointed (like Brett Kavanaugh) throughout his time in office. All of which resulted in zero evidence and a number of people sentenced from petty accusations such as Michael Cohan from the Stormy Daniels affair. All this while sweeping evidence of the Jeffrey Epstein’s case (who had strong ties to those of the democratic party) under the rug until it got too much media attention.

With all this, it’s a wonder Steve Bannon, who was an advisor for Donald Trump, was seen promoting his website on a cheerful livestream, at the same time he was recently surrendering to the FBI in Washington. They got him on petty charges stemming from the January 6th riot. It is an event the left is not going to let go for a very long time, they just continue to harass people like Bannon. Everybody who was near the crowd when the events took place is now sitting in jail. Including those who never even got close to stepping inside of the building. Don't get me wrong – what happened was awful, but it was nothing in comparison to the deaths, destruction, and looting caused by the protests from Black Lives Matter that have left the nation in much divide. They encourage defunding of the police and a negative view of what has allowed this country to develop: capitalism. I could go on, but I’m glad Bannon is in comical spirits going into these trials. The FBI is acting like a bunch of clowns with nothing to stand on.

The big story referring to title of this article is another one regarding James O’Keefe and his news organization, Project Veritas. It falls nothing short of a communist-like action in complete threat of the first amendment. Not to mention, the FBI was acting completely outside their jurisdiction. Since when has the FBI raided as much as three people’s homes (O’Keefe and two past Project Veritas journalists) in response to a “stolen” diary, one year after it was handed over to the police by a legal owner? Let me tell you what happened.

Last year, just before the election, Project Veritas was contacted and offered a diary that allegedly had previously belonged to Ashley Biden. It was claimed to be abandoned property from one of her previous residences and legally obtained. The transaction was done through respected lawyers in a, once again, legal manner. Once Project Veritas obtained this journal, they couldn’t prove its legitimacy and chose not to report any of the information within. However, the information was also obtained by the National File news organization that did report scanned images of some of the pages. This information has been out for about a year now.

After Project Veritas was unable to legitimize Ashley Biden as the owner with concrete evidence, they turned the journal in to the police. They believed it to belong to someone else and wished to have it returned to the rightful owner.

One year after, on November 4th, the homes of James O’Keefe and two journalist that had previously written for Project Veritas, were raided by the FBI in the early morning. They confiscated items such as phones and computers, gaining access to sensitive private information including the reporters’ sources and donors of the organization.

If it was unclear who the journal truly belonged to before, it is clear now. These events took place over a year ago and the information has been out ever since. It is unclear why such dramatic action was taken just now. Given the track record on past incidents, it appears to be a direct attack on the Project Veritas Organization, a group of ethical journalists speaking on the facts and truths provided to them from whistleblowers. The organization is dedicated to exposing corruption in the media and government.

Such behavior is despicable and scary, but we are beginning to see more and more of it. Repetitive actions to this extent are early signs of what could form into tyranny from the Biden regime, and we need to wake up to it.